Where Would You Even Start to Look for an Escort?

06 May 2023

We have given you various guides on what happens when you book an escort, how to behave when you're in the company of escorts and even a breakdown of the terms and abbreviations used in the "escort world".

In this article, we will look at what would happen if you were completely new to escorting, how you would even start, and where you would find these fantastic ladies of the night.

Based in Central London is our escort agency, and therefore, we have written this helpful guide to assist you in booking time with a lady here. For those of you outside of London, you could even apply much of this information to the rest of the world! 

Google – Escort Agencies in London.

The Internet is at our fingertips. We carry access to it with us every day on our smartphones, and we are all pretty used to using it. So, if you have ever used a search engine to find anything, then you can use one to find a London escort.

There are many escort agencies in London now, a massive increase from a few years ago, and most of them have easy-to-navigate websites – I hope you find ours easy to use.

In the modern age, Googling is the easiest way to find anything, and it's no different to finding a very sexy lady to spend time with.

Just ensure that you have turned off "safe search". If you have a partner and don't want them to see that you have Googled anything associated with London escorts, please use private mode or incognito, a safer way for you to search.

As a newbie, once you have landed on an escort agency website, here are some great articles to help you along the way:

Can You Use Social Media to Find an Escort?

There have been restrictions put in place over the past few years to cut down on escorts and escort agencies posting on social media. This process is unbelievably complicated, but most platforms like Twitter continue to block accounts at any time and for any reason.

Twitter – This used to be an excellent tool for many escort agencies, not just those in London. Even the Dior Escorts account got up to 16,000 followers until Twitter changed its guidelines, in which the account was reported and then permanently suspended. We need Elon to take a look at this. 

You may still find a few independent escorts and some directories on there, but the work people used to put in is at a different level now, and the central agencies don't even look at it anymore.

Instagram – So many of us love Instagram. Even Rachael has an account on there, although she doesn't dive into the escorting world. She doesn't post pictures of any of the ladies and instead, only uses it to share her love of London.

Some independents have profiles on there; they post heavily filtered pictures, but booking through Instagram is nearly impossible. The girls won't accept bookings via DM's, and we can't blame them. They don't display their telephone numbers for you to contact them on, so you need to click through to their website. Unfortunately, many don't even display the link because of the fear that Instagram will associate their profile with an escorting website and block them.

TikTok - The popularity of this platform is growing. A little while ago, one of London's escort agencies decided that it would be a good idea to post the lady's videos on there without telling them. Of course, there was uproar, and all the girls wanted the videos and pictures removed.

Is TikTok an excellent platform to find an escort to spend time with? NO!

Cards in Phone Boxes

The old-school way to get some company and meet up with a lady, a shemale or a male! "Carding", as it was known, is illegal and is classed as a sex offence; it's pretty grim as well, filling our phone boxes with smutty cards. Families used to use them, after all.

When was the last time you made a call from a phone box? In fact, why would you even bother going into one now? Most of the ones left on the streets of London stink. Plus, I wouldn't want to touch the receiver or put my mouth near it – very funny how times change.

Good Old-Fashioned Word of Mouth.

This sill might be one of the most popular ways for word of a fantastic escort to spread. You tell your friend whom you've seen; they tell theirs once they've seen her, and the chain goes on and on. Many of our oldest and most loyal clients here at Dior Escorts have come to us this way. Not only have they loved the service of the escorts on this site but also how the reception team have dealt with them – we do try to be as professional as possible.

No longer is seeing escorts a "dirty little secret"... it's now widely accepted as a fun and pleasurable pastime.

Magazines and Newspapers

You may find this hard to imagine, but some people still buy newspapers and magazines – I'm not one of them.

There were two publications dedicated to advertising escorts in London. I'm not sure if other cities in the UK had their own; one of them is now debunked, and the other is on the same path. Besides why would you bother to pay £10 or £15 for a magazine when you can get it online?

Some local newspapers still run ads for escort services in their classified sections. However, with no pictures and just a telephone number, we are still determining how helpful this will be for you and if the ladies you meet will be of the highest quality.

Escort Agencies are the Simplest Go-To Method.

To me, that's the case; after all, you are on this site, reading this blog, and with a simple click of the mouse button or a press of the screen, you'll be taken to our main gallery with a selection of over 150 of the best escorts in London.

If you would like to learn more about this agency and the team behind it, read the "about us" post, which will give you all the required information.